How to Juggle Your First Job and Study

The problem of keeping the work-life balance is one of the widespread among adults. For students, this problem is even more complicated.
According to the latest reports, nearly 75% of students work part-time to cover their living expenses. Therefore, most undergraduates experience work-life-study problems. In the post below, you will find some tips on how to combine work and study being a student.

Keep Balance

If you don’t want to overburden and experience depression, you need to balance education, work, and rest. A lot of students think that the main advantage of youth is a large amount of energy so that they can use it to achieve their goals.
Undergraduates think that their young bodies can renew energy fast. They wake up early, attend lectures, work part-time, hang out with friends, and have a two-hour nap to refresh.
This strategy may work for one or two days. However, if you compromise on a healthy rest to earn money and maintain a high college score, you will experience a lot of problems. You will have a long-lasting headache, strained eyes, and disinhibition. All of these can lead to depression.
Therefore, you should always have a healthy night’s sleep. Also, don’t forget to allocate time for sports, hobbies, and parties to refresh your mind from the everyday routine.

Create a Schedule

Till yet, planning is the best thing that can help you juggle your first job and study. Feel free to grab a notebook and plan your next day and week as detailed as possible. According to the college packing list for boys, students should always have a lot of notebooks.
If you notice a lack of time in your schedule, you have to cross off the less important activities like playing video games or watching TV shows.
In case you don’t want to stick to old-fashioned technology like paper notebooks, feel free to install a planner app on your smartphone. Moreover, a smartphone application will keep you notified about upcoming events in your schedule.

Keep Your Employer Updated

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to succeed in both education and work. Therefore, you need to find an employer that supports your studies. To not compromise on education or work, you need always keep your employer updated about your schedule changes or unexpected issues. If you find an understanding boss, you will never have to choose between work and lectures.

Choose Job with Flexible Schedule

Even though students are allowed to work 20 a week only, they still may have conflicting schedules. Therefore, try to pick a job with a flexible schedule to not miss lectures, pass your assignments until the past due, and not fail your job responsibilities. Note, your boss will always account for you.

Improve Productivity

As there are only 24 hours a day, most students don’t have enough free time to relax in a park or walk on the streets to find new places. To not spend your youth studying and working, you should do your daily tasks as quickly as possible.
One of the tips that can help you improve productivity is the “two-minute rule.” It works simply. If you have a task that requires one or two minutes to complete, do it simultaneously.

Concluding Words

Being a student is hard. However, combining education and work is insane. Therefore, you should always have one day off a week. Use it to refresh your mind and spend a day doing what you like the most.